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Basement Windows Ft Wayne INOld basement windows easily become rusty or rotted. A Castle Centurion Exteriors basement window has a maintenance-free 100% pure vinyl frame that won’t ever look less than new.

If you’re interested in making your basement better, you can’t ignore the windows. Even though basement windows are small, they can have a big impact on the comfort, beauty, and convenience you enjoy in the basement.

Problems with Old Basement Windows

Until now, the standards for basement windows haven’t been very high. Builders paid attention to windows in the main part of the house, but typically chose cheap steel or wood-framed windows for the basement. As a result, standard basement windows have some significant problems:

  • Cold drafts and poor energy performance – Old, single-pane basement windows allow cold winter drafts to enter the basement through leaks between the window frame and the rough opening. To make matters worse, a great deal of heat can escape by conduction through a single-pane of glass.
  • Difficult operation – Rusty or rotted window frames can cause a window to become inoperable, very difficult open and shut, or impossible to seal.
  • Rusty or rotted frames – Steel-framed windows will always be prone to developing rust that degrades their appearance and function. Wood-frame basement windows suffer from rotted frames and peeling paint. This damage can turn basement windows into an eyesore.
  • Required maintenance – Basement windows with wood or steel frames will always need regular maintenance (scraping, sanding, painting, renewing glazing, etc.) in order to look good and function properly.

How Vinyl-Framed Basement Windows Solve Your Basement Window Problems

Basement windows from Castle Centurion Exteriors won’t ever rust or rot because they’re built with reinforced pure vinyl frames. These rugged, maintenance-free windows won’t ever require sanding, reglazing, or repainting. Because all Castle Centurion Exteriors windows feature double-pane, insulated glass, you won’t need to worry about efficiency. Our installation crew will use the right techniques to eliminate air leaks through gaps around the window.

If you are looking to replace your old basement windows or install basement windows in a new home, our basement hopper windows will easily outlast steel and wood-framed basement windows and look great doing it.

Castle Centurion Exteriors offers a variety of basement window products, including basement window wells, egress windows, and window well drainage. Looking for a price? Get a no-cost, no-obligation free estimate.

Warranty Shield
Nothing in the World is Guaranteed Like a Castle Centurion Exteriors Replacement Window

When you carry the best products in the industry, you can confidently provide the best warranty in the industry. This is why Castle Centurion Exteriors is proud to offer a true lifetime warranty for all of our products – without any legalese or fine print to interpret. All aspects of your windows are covered, and in the event that you move, the warranty is fully transferable to the next homeowner.

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Guild Quality
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