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The Homeowner’s Guide to Window Shopping

Feb 02, 2022

Whether you’re planning on replacing your old, worn-out windows or you just want a new look for your house, homeowners have a variety of options to choose from. Weighing the pros and cons of different window materials, types, styles, colors, and finishes can be a long and complicated process. To make window shopping easier and help you find the perfect…

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Before Buying A Replacement Window Ask These Questions

Jul 25, 2019

Planning a window replacement isn’t as straightforward as you think. There are many questions homeowners ask, ranging from glass type to price. However, there are a few key concerns that should be addressed. This way, you can find the ideal window for your home. Here are some important questions to ask your contractor. Hidden Fees Many homeowners focus only on the price…

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The Features and Benefits of Our Entry Doors

Jul 25, 2019

When you need a door replacement, your new door should be made of the right material. It should be able to endure any type of weather for over 20 years. It should also have a color and style that matches your home. And, it should be easily customizable. Our doors satisfy all four conditions. Castle Windows explains more below. Design Flexibility…

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How to Maintain Your Doors

Jul 25, 2019

Entry door systems can help your home make a great first impression. The only way to enjoy them, however, is by properly maintaining your systems. Here’s how you can keep your doors in peak condition. Inspection The first step to cleaning your doors is to look at it. Take a look at the door, and check every part of it. This…

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When you carry the best products in the industry, you can confidently provide the best warranty in the industry. This is why Castle Centurion Exteriors is proud to offer a true lifetime warranty for all of our products – without any legalese or fine print to interpret. All aspects of your windows are covered, and in the event that you move, the warranty is fully transferable to the next homeowner.

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Guild Quality
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