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Because we help develop, assit make, and install our own windows, we are able to offer the best guarantee in the industry. Our full lifetime guarantee covers both the product and the labor. This includes:

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Only the Best

There is nothing in the world guaranteed like a Castle Window. After reviewing nearly 100 of our competitors' warranties, we feel as though our warranty is the best in the industry. Most companies claim that they offer a lifetime guarantee, however, most warranties are set up to benefit the company rather than the customer.

Six Ways to Protect Yourself When Selecting a Warranty

1. Read the Warranty Word for Word
If a company tells you they have a "lifetime" warranty, ask to see a copy and read it word for word. Pay close attention to the exclusions and double talk.

2. Ask Your Representative to See a Copy of the Warranty
Before you sign an agreement, ask your representative to show you a copy of the warranty.

3. Tell Your Representative to Put It in Writing
Tell your representative to put in writing all aspects of the window that are guaranteed, including all windows, parts, labor, installation, glass, and seals. If your representative will not back up his claims in writing, find another company.

4. Watch out for Service Charges
While most companies will replace parts free of charge, they typically charge $70 to $150 per hour for each visit to your home to fix a problem. At Castle Windows, service is free.

5. Ask Why Is the Warranty so Important
You can determine the actual quality of the product simply by reading the warranty. For example, if a company cannot guarantee the color of the vinyl, you are probably receiving a recycled or reprocessed vinyl, which may stain, discolor, or fade.

6. Take the Castle Tutorial to Spot Bogus Warranties
The problem with most warranties is that people don't read past the word "lifetime." The first line says "lifetime," but the remainder of the warranty talks about exclusions. We have put together a list of the most common ways window companies will cheat you out of your warranty. These exclusions provide absolutely no coverage to the homeowner.

The Seven Most Overlooked Phrases in a Warranty


Watch out for the phrases "The vinyl usually maintains its color as it ages, however, atmospheric pollution and residues can cause uniform discoloration." or "The manufacturer does not warrant against some degrees of normal weathering."

What Does This Mean?

Basically, the window company is giving you a recycled or reprocessed vinyl. This reground vinyl tends to discolor and lose strength. This should probably read, "Atmospheric pollution will discolor your window." We think that would be more accurate.

Caulking (Leaks & Drafts)

Watch out for the phrase "Caulking is used on some installations to seal the frames and trim packages against water and air infiltration. Caulking is not considered part of the product and therefore not covered under the warranty."

What Does This Mean?

This is the type of doubletalk we have warned you against. Caulking stops water and air infiltration. The company states that, "caulking is not part of the product, and therefore not covered." Basically, you would not be covered against air and water leaks. This is typical of companies who use cheap grades of caulking, those with stock sized windows, and/or shim installations.

Improper Installation

Watch out for the phrases "Improper Installation." or "Warranty does not cover damage caused by improper installation."

What Does This Mean?

Many companies exclude the installation of the product. Most manufactures do not know who is going to be installing their product, so they exclude "improper installation." The problem is that most service work is installation related, not manufacturing related. Many people get stuck in the middle of an argument by their contractor and the manufacturer of the product as to who's at fault for the defective window.

Blatant Exclusions

Sometimes warranties flat out exclude various parts of the product. Watch out for such phrases as "No glass breakage," "Warranty applies to vinyl only," and "Glass which is cracked for any reason is not covered."

Ship Part Prepaid

Watch out for phrases like "If any part of the window is defective ship the part pre-paid to (address)."

What Does This Mean?

This is the classic way manufactures get out of servicing the product. They are dead serious when they say to take the defective part out of the window and ship it to the manufacture. They know that most homeowners will not bother going through this trouble.


We have seen a variety of exclusions on the glass, including "Warranty does not apply to glass breakage.", "Warranty does not cover acceptable defects in glass.", "Warranty is void if the unit has been cracked or broken.", and "Warranty does not cover accidental glass breakage." We are particularly amused by the second and third statements. If the glass is broken then the warranty is void. But, if the glass were not broken, then you wouldn't need the warranty. When should we use the warranty? As far as the third statement, we would like to point out that most people don't break the glass purposely. Even if they did, we would imagine that this manufacture also excludes "acts of vandalism."


Watch out for "first year free service." Obviously, these companies plan on charging their customers for the labor involved in servicing the window after the first year. If you have ever had a repairman out to the house, you know that service work is quite expensive. Of course, most of these companies will give you a break on the price if you buy a new window from them. Isn't that nice of them?

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